AVEX Registry

Supported by The Avian/Pandemic Flu Registry

Human Avian Influenza represents a major concern for public health globally. It is believed to have the potential to lead to a global flu outbreak that could lead to many thousands of deaths similar to historical influenza pandemics. In order to establish a first-line scientific and medical response to this threat, a global patient registry has been developed to assist health care professionals and governments to respond based on accurate and current information. The first phase of this registry was launched in several key countries to verify its scope, applicability, reporting, and efficiency.

The Avian/Pandemic Flu Registry is an international, on-line observational research effort that uniquely collects information regarding symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and outcomes of patients affected by human avian influenza. The registry makes it possible for experts to evaluate data and to understand the epidemiology and health consequences of the spread of the disease, and to assess the effectiveness of various interventions. This partnership in data gathering and the pooling of expertise allows real-time aggregated reports to be shared with national and international health agencies, as pre-determined by those submitting data, along with other organizations interested in preventing or mitigating an outbreak of pandemic influenza.

LSHTM worked with their collaborators in Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia), Cambodia (Ministry of Health) and Lao PDR (NEIDCO) to gather data on cases for inclusion in the Registry.

Project Leader: Marco Liverani 

Email: Marco.Liverani@lshtm.ac.uk

 Collaborators include:

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 

Ministry of Health Cambodia 

University of Indonesia