The Communicable Diseases Policy Research Group (CDPRG) is a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine based in Bangkok, Thailand and conducts research on a diverse range of public health problems throughout Southeast Asia.

The Group comprises a team of specialists in clinical medicine, epidemiology, public policy and public health, all of whom have substantial portfolios of research on the diverse health problems facing countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.The team has established a wide range of collaborative partnerships with institutions and individuals, both domestically in the UK and internationally, including multilateral agencies, bilateral agencies and industry. In addition, the group also draws on the considerable expertise of the Department of Global Health & Development, the Faculty of Public Health and Policy.

Notable areas of research which have received considerable attention include health systems analysis, epidemiological modeling, health economic modeling, disease surveillance and analysis of strategic planning. Research findings are published widely in domestic and international peer-reviewed journals. 

CDPRG staff have extensive national and international experience in providing high quality teaching and training in short postgraduate courses and masters programmes. In particular, they have established and run highly successful summer schools and international workshops for health policy makers.